Review: Caterpillar to Butterly

Caterpillar to Butterfly :: Children's Book Review
Image Source: National Geographic Kids

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Author: Laura Marsh

Published in 2012 by National Geographic Children’s Books

*Early Reader

Caterpillar to Butterfly from National Geographic Kids is a nicely created book for young readers to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. Not only is the book great for learning scientific content, but it is a supportive text for early readers to use as they are still getting comfortable with literature. The book contains large font size, simplified words, commentary to further explain new vocabulary words, and many pictures to reinforce the content of the text. Young readers will enjoy their experience learning about a subject that is intriguing and applicable to their lives, as they actually encounter caterpillars and butterflies outside in nature, while also practicing their reading skills.

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