Review: Under One Rock

Under One Rock :: Children's Book Review
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Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs, and Other Ughs

Author: Anthony D. Fredericks

Illustrator: Jennifer DiRubbio

Published in 2001 by Dawn Publications

Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs, and Other Ughs is a fun book for kids to explore the world of insects, worms, slugs, spiders, and other creatures all living under one rock. The poetic wordplay, rhyming text, and irresistible illustrations engage readers as they learn about species of bugs, their habitats, and their roles in the environment. Packed with realistic illustrations and interesting information, this story is fabulous to integrate into language arts and science lessons. Field notes and fun facts, provided by author and professor Anthony D. Fredericks, are found at the end of the book and offer additional information for readers to enjoy.

*Anthony D. Fredericks is a Professor of Education at York College in York, Pennsylvania. He has written an abundance of informational children’s books and resource books.

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Author Biography:

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*includes Around One Log, On One Flower, Near One Cattail, Around One Cactus, In One Tidepool, and more!


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