Review: Once Upon a World

Once Upon a World Cinderella :: Children's Book Review
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Once Upon a World

Author: Chloe Perkins

Illustrator: Sandra Equihua

Published in 2016 by Simon and Schuster Inc.

Once Upon a World Cinderella is a beautiful and vibrant multicultural reimagination of the classic Cinderella story. This story is set in Mexico and is vividly illustrated with bright colors and fun artwork. The Once Upon a World series offers various classic fairy tales with diverse settings and characters accompanied by beautiful and authentic artwork. The colors are alive, the illustrations transport the readers to where the stories take place, and the books are sturdy and great for little hands. This series strives to promote fairy tales for everyone, everywhere. Other favorites include Rapunzel in India, illustrated by Archana Sreenivasan, and Snow White in Japan, illustrated by Misa Saburi. Once Upon a World books are wonderful, timeless, and short enough to share with younger readers.

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