Review: Mira Forecasts the Future

Mira Forecasts the Future :: Children's Book Review
Image Source: Kell Andrews

Mira Forecasts the Future

Author: Kell Andrews

Illustrator: Lissy Marlin

Published in 2016 by Sterling Children’s Books

Mira Forecasts the Future follows the journey of a young girl named Mira who has yet to discover her own special talent. Her mother is Madame Mirabella, a famous fortune teller, who can look into her crystal ball and impress anyone with her accurate reading of the future. When Mira looks into the crystal ball, she sees nothing. She feels disappointed that she does not have this impressive gift that her mother has. But Mira soon discovers that she has her own special gift. Her knowledge of meteorology enables her to predict the weather. And when the celebrated annual surf competition arrives in her town, Mira is given the opportunity to use her talent to save the competition from potentially dangerous weather. This book is the exceptional story of an intelligent young female scientist who must dismiss her sadness about not having the fortune telling gift of her mother in order to discover her own celebrated gift of her mastery of science.

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