Review: Dinorella

Dinorella :: Children's Book Review
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Dinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale

Author: Pamela Duncan Edwards

Illustrator: Henry Cole

Published in 1997 by Disney-Hyperion

Dinorella is a humorous and amusing spin on the classic story of Cinderella. Dora, Doris, and Dinorella live in their dinosaur den where Dinorella is demanded to do all of the chores. When an invitation to the Dinosaur Dance at Duke Dudley’s Den arrives, Dora and Doris tell Dinorella that she cannot attend because she is too dull and does not have dinosaur jewels. Suddenly, Fairydactyl arrives and transforms Dinorella, complete with dazzling dinosaur jewels. When Dinorella arrives at the dance, she sees a deinonychus dragging away the duke and must make a brave rescue. This story is full of alliteration, features fun wordplay, and presents a bold female heroine. It is a lovely read for anyone who enjoys the Cinderella story and is the perfect book to use with traditional Cinderella for teaching compare and contrast.

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