Review: Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty :: Children's Book Review
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Waking Beauty

Author: Leah Wilcox

Illustrator: Lydia Monks

Published in 2008 by Puffin Books

Waking Beauty puts a comical twist on the classic fairy tale. While Prince Charming is out searching for dragons, he hears a loud sound coming from within the castle and thinks he has finally found a dragon. It isn’t long until he discovers that it is actually the sound of Sleeping Beauty’s snoring. Her fairies try to give him instructions to wake her up, but he keeps interrupting them with his own silly ideas like jumping on her bed and pouring water over her. The fun rhyme scheme makes this an entertaining read aloud. It will keep readers laughing and jumping out of their seats trying to predict what crazy idea Prince Charming will try next. This book is also great for teaching comparing and contrasting, which can be done by discussing the similarities and differences between this and the familiar Sleeping Beauty story.

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