Review: Baseball Saved Us

Baseball Saved Us :: Children's Book Review
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Baseball Saved Us

Author: Ken Mochizuki

Illustrator: Dom Lee

Published in 1995 by Lee & Low Books

Baseball Saved Us is the story of Shorty, his family, and thousands of other Japanese-Americans who are removed from their homes and sent to internment camps during World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor. To create an escape from the heat and misery for the inhabitants of the camp, Shorty and his dad decide to create a baseball team and assemble a makeshift baseball diamond, equipment, and uniforms. The players use baseball as a way to lift their spirits, have fun, and develop a sense of dignity and respect despite the degrading treatment they receive during this traumatic time in our history. This book tells an inspiring story of hope, coming together to fight the racism this population faced, and working to make a positive impact for others.

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