Review: Dust for Dinner

Dust for Dinner :: Children's Book Reviews
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Dust for Dinner

Author: Ann Turner

Illustrator: Robert Barrett

Published in 1997 by HarperCollins

*Early Reader (“I Can Read!” Level 3)

Dust for Dinner shares the journey of Jake and Maggy who live happily with their parents on their family farm in Oklahoma. They raise animals, grow crops, and joyfully sing and dance to the music that plays on Mama’s radio. The family enjoys life on the farm until a drought hits during the Depression, bringing horrendous dust storms that destroy the land. They are forced to auction off their farm and all of their belongings to move west across the country to California for a better life. This early reader is a great introduction for young readers to this period in American history, often known as the Dust Bowl, and the journey of struggles and triumphs that it entailed for families across the country.

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