Review: Honey, I Love

Honey, I Love :: Children's Book Review
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Honey, I Love

Author: Eloise Greenfield

Illustrator: Jan Spivey Gilchrist

Published in 2016 by Amistad

*Early Reader

Honey, I Love is a delightful picture book written as a timeless poem. A young girl shares what she loves best and shows that it truly is the simple things in life that mean the most. She tells of her adoration of laughter, the refreshing feel of cool water on a hot day, and how her cousin visiting from the south talks. Vibrant illustrations and rhyming text make this a lyrical and fun read aloud that serves as an engaging ode of appreciation for the little moments in life that make a big impact. The book is comprehensible for young readers, encourages them to be thoughtful of the world around them, and beautifully radiates values of love and family.

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