Review: Players in Pigtails

Players in Pigtails :: Children's Book Review
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Players in Pigtails

Author: Shana Corey

Illustrator: Rebecca Gibbon

Published in 2003 by Scholastic Press

Players in Pigtails offers pleasant praise to the women who formed the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League created by Chicago Cubs owner Phillip Wrigley. In the 1940’s, it was not considered respectable for women to play baseball. Once many of the male professional baseball players had to leave for World War II, however, women were given the opportunity to play. Inspired by the movie A League of Their Own and the unfamiliar verse of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” that recognizes a “baseball mad” girl named Katie, this story pays tribute to the girls who stepped up to the plate for their love of the game. The book includes captivating watercolor and colored pencil illustrations and an author’s note about the league.

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