Review: The World According to Humphrey

The World According to Humphrey :: Children's Book Review
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The World According to Humphrey

Author: Betty G. Birney

Published in 2005 by Puffin Books

*Middle Grade

The World According to Humphrey is a heartwarming story told from the perspective of a charming classroom pet, a hamster named Humphrey. The adored substitute teacher Ms. Mac brings Humphrey to Classroom 26. But when she unexpectedly leaves and Mrs. Brisbane returns, Humphrey is devastated because Mrs. Brisbane strongly dislikes furry creatures. Students and school staff members take turns hosting Humphrey on weekends and he even has the opportunity to win over Mrs. Brisbane. Throughout his journey, Humphrey and his caretakers teach each other about courage, kindness, the value in seeing beyond differences, and the power of making a positive impact in the lives of others. The adventures of Humphrey are both funny and uplifting as he navigates life in diverse homes and brings families together, inspires a timid girl to speak up, helps a family of immigrants learn English, and entertains readers throughout the process. His big heart and observant nature make him a great first person narrator in this endearing story perfect for readers who are just getting started with chapter books.

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