Review: We Are in a Book!

We Are in a Book! :: Children's Book Review
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We Are in a Book!

Author + Illustrator: Mo Willems

Published in 2010 by Disney-Hyperion

*Early Reader

We Are in a Book! is an entertaining read sure to keep its audience engaged the whole way through. Gerald the elephant is always careful, Piggie is always smiling, and the two of them are best friends. When they realize that their blank background can be explained by the fact that they are characters on the page of a book and the person they sense watching them is the reader, they keep readers of all ages laughing by addressing their audience directly and trying to make them say silly things out loud. And as the story progresses, Gerald learns that books come to an end and Piggie tries turning the page to see how many are left. They plead with their audience to read it again and again. Mo Williams shares his brilliance and creativity in this fun book that will amuse readers of all ages with the big personalities of the little characters.

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