Review: At Home in a New Land

At Home in a New Land :: Children's Book Review
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At Home in a New Land

Author + Illustrator: Joan Sandin

Published in 2007 by HarperCollins

*Early Reader (“I Can Read!” Level 3)

At Home in a New Land follows the immigration journey of a young boy named Carl Erik and his family as they move from Sweden to Minnesota in the 1800’s during the famine known as the “great hunger years.” This story is informative, accessible for early readers with comprehensible text and large font, and it tells a heartwarming story. Readers gain deeper insight into the experiences of immigrants, historical events, and customs. Carl Erik faces challenges in the land he has to call his new home. He works to provide food for his family while his father is away in search of a job, he faces mockery from his new classmates, and he has to learn new customs and language. The story shares valuable lessons of hard work and integrity.

Additional Resources:

Swedish Immigration to America during the late 1800’s:

Swedish American history and culture:


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