Review: If Kids Ran the World

If Kids Ran the World :: Children's Book Review
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If Kids Ran the World

Authors + Illustrators: Leo + Diane Dillon

Published in 2014 by The Blue Sky Press

If Kids Ran the World is an encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting celebration of kindness, love, and peace. Kids would run the world in a big tree house where everyone is welcome. If kids ran the world, an abundance of delicious food would be brought to those who are hungry. Everyone would have a safe place to live. People who were sick would have medicine and those in the hospital would have cheerful visitors. The environment would be cared for and protected. The world would be filled with laughter, singing, dancing, and playing if kids ran the world. Bright and colorful illustrations illuminate the pages of this joyful book that is full of beautiful ideas for inspiring compassion and generosity in our world.

Additional Resources:

100 Acts of Kindness for Kids to make this world a better place:

Authors and illustrators Leo + Diane Dillon’s Artistry Exhibit from the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature:


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