Review: Jacob’s New Dress

Jacob's New Dress :: Children's Book Review
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Jacob’s New Dress

Authors: Sarah and Ian Hoffman

Illustrator: Chris Case

Published in 2014 by Albert Whitman and Company

Jacob’s New Dress is the story of a young boy named Jacob who loves to play dress-up at school, always requesting to wear the sparkly pink dress and to be the princess. He desperately wants to wear a dress to school, so he makes one himself out of a towel. His mother has him put shorts and a shirt on underneath, then he heads to school. A classmate named Christopher teases him and rips his towel dress off of him. Jacob goes to his mom with tears in his eyes asking her to help him sew a dress and she agrees. Accompanied by bright illustrations, this heartwarming story is a great way to encourage thoughtful conversations about gender, identity, and self-confidence.

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