Review: The Curious Garden

The Curious Garden :: Children's Book Review
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The Curious Garden

Author: Peter Brown

Published in 2009 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

The Curious Garden is the story of the beautiful transformation of a once dreary city of concrete, brick, and steel with polluted skies. A young boy named Liam seemed to be the only person in this gloomy city who loved being outside. His exploring led him to discover some abandoned railroad tracks where he was shocked to see a couple plants that were quickly dying. Determined to brighten and liven up his community, Liam returned to the small patch of withering wildflowers to take care of them. Eventually, the flowers were blossoming and the garden became curious about the surrounding area, leading it to grow and spread all around the city. This story is fun for readers to watch the mood and illustrations in the book transform from colorless and dull to inviting pictures of a city filled with greenery and life. The story of Liam’s determination to make his community more beautiful is a great way to inspire readers to explore what they can do to improve their own neighborhoods.

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