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Me with beloved children’s author Melissa Sweet when she visited the University of Minnesota. April 2017.

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I am a student at the University of Minnesota studying Elementary Education and Spanish while pursuing my certificate for Teaching English as a Second Language. I have a huge passion for working with children, teaching, and children’s literature! Books have the power to inspire, encourage, entertain, empower, nurture creativity, teach valuable lessons, take readers on an adventure, and provide fun, engaging, lovable stories to make us think, grow, learn, and laugh.

This space is designated to serve as a resource primarily for children’s literature where I will be posting recommendations and reviews of not only some of my favorite children’s books, but also of books that can be used for various activities and lessons at school, at home, at the local library, or anywhere you may find yourself adventuring.

Each review I publish is one that I have personally written. Along with each book review, I am including additional resources such as extension activities, author and illustrator interviews, background information on a subject, and sample lesson plans. These are all resources I have found and decided to incorporate into my posts to provide additional opportunities for enrichment and exploration.

I thoughtfully consider each book I review to ensure it is one that I find to be valuable and beneficial for young readers. I am also intentional about the resources I provide along with my reviews, ensuring that they are credible, helpful, and of good quality. I genuinely care that I am presenting educators, parents, and caregivers with tools to nurture a love for literature.

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I hope you find something you enjoy! Happy Reading!

***If you have favorite children’s books, I would love to know what they are!

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