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Authors Share Why We Need Diverse Books

We Need Diverse Books // WNDB is an organization composed of advocates who are passionate about children’s books and intentionality regarding the publication of diverse literature. Their mission is to promote literature that reflects and celebrates the lives of all young people including but not limited to LGBT+; people of color; Native populations; gender diversity; people with sensory, cognitive, physical, and developmental disabilities; and cultural, ethnic, and religious minorities. WNDB strives to ensure the publishing industry is inclusive and appreciative of diverse experiences and lifestyles so that all children can see themselves in books.

Rich in Color // Rich in Color reads, reviews, discusses, explores, and promotes multicultural literature for kids and young adults. They feature diverse books that are starring Native characters or characters of color, or books that are written by Native authors or authors of color. Their mission is to present a variety of books that enable Native children and children of color to see themselves in the stories they read.

Guide for Selecting Anti-Bias Children’s Books // Books have the power to reinforce or undermine ideas and nurture positive or negative attitudes regarding diversity. Stories show who is important and who deserves recognition. Because of the power stories have, it is so important to carefully select quality books that are accurately representative of diverse lifestyles. This resource provides a guide for choosing a range of appropriate diverse books.

Guide to Selecting Culturally Appropriate Children’s Books in Languages Other Than English // This is a phenomenal guide for selecting, evaluating, and utilizing children’s books that support and encourage language and literacy development for the native languages of young children.

Diverse Books Awards // These book awards recognize authors and honor books that encourage the celebration of diversity in children’s literature.